Today, the companies of the Willms brand offer a comprehensive range of quality products and manufacture from a single source.

Everything from a single source

Willms Fleisch GmbH is a medium-sized company in the food industry, run today by the second generation of the family. While the production technology has been continuously developed and the company has grown by taking over further locations and their slaughterhouses, the values of the family business have remained the same: Reliability, continuity and quality have been the hallmarks of Willms Fleisch GmbH since it was founded. 

Flat hierarchies within the company guarantee short decision-making paths and trusting cooperation – between employees and customers.

The Ruppichteroth and Weißwasser locations

At two modern locations in Germany, the company produces high-quality meat, sausage and convenience products, 365 days a year.

The extensive product portfolio includes:

  • Self-service meat (pork and beef)
  • Premium steak assortment (skin-packed)
  • Sausage (cooked cured meat, raw sausages, boiled sausages)
  • Fresh convenience products
  • Freshly chilled, ready cooked convenience products

The Bochumer Fleischhandel and the Düringer Fleischkontor

The decision to expand the production chain by acquiring its own slaughterhouses and cutting plants has enabled the Willms Fleisch Group of Companies to achieve sustainable production, excellent quality management and transparency towards retailers and end customers.

The new shareholder structure guarantees the increasing consumer demand for regional, controlled and guaranteed origin of meat products. With its coordinated quality programmes, the group of companies guarantees unique, transparent traceability from animal breeding to the shop counter.